West Asia instability may become more complicated

                                                     Ayesha Abdullah


The ongoing flare up in the West Asian region in the form of Hamas-Israel conflict could spread further and bring more geopolitical uncertainty. The action of Hamas in the present round of flare up is barbaric, inhuman and responsible for vitiating the already volatile situation. This has weakened the Palestinian cause to a great extent, if not entirely. While Hamas has weakened President Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank region, it has opened a new assertiveness about its own existence. The ongoing Arab-Israel peace moves have also suffered a big setback which will only lead to more bloodshed and frictions.


In fact, Israel-Hamas conflict has seen many rounds of flare ups in last couple of decades. But this time it is different due to horrific actions of Hamas by targeting Israeli civilians. This has led to Israeli counter attacks which have caused immense misery for the ordinary people of Gaza.

Now, the question is what Hamas could achieve out of the whole episode. Rather, the Palestinian cause will be further subdued and compromised. Some argue that it might get more attention but at what cost.

Yet, the answer lies in current great games played by outside powers who used potentiality of Hamas to create havoc in the whole region. So far, non-oil producing countries are backing Hamas and threatening to widen the conflict such as Syria, Lebanon and Iran (under oil embargo).

Only Qatar has hinted that it will intervene if Israel continues with further air strikes in Gaza. Now, the entire region will be engulfed in a complicated situation. The UN Security Council has also failed in its duty to prevent conflicts.

Hamas is being funded by Iran and Qatar regularly, whereas Turkey is also playing its own role. Already, negotiations are going on about freeing the hostages currently with Hamas which it has abducted from Israel.

Egypt, US and Saudi Arabia are taking proactive steps to bring a ceasefire whereas Russia, China, Iran and Turkey are playing their games from behind the lines. It is the ordinary Palestinian people who are victims of this great game.