Central Asia


CASS-India works on Central Asian issues with more than five researchers and the Center has given significant attention to the issues facing by this region. Indeed, issues of Central Asia assumed further significance after the 9/11 incident. The Center has so far organized dozens of public awareness programs through seminars, research papers, workshops and public debates in those countries.

Due to the power rivalry to gain access to energy reservoirs and growing terrorism problems, the Central Asian region has not been able to establish as true power basin of global order so far, yet the potentiality of the whole region is unimaginable. Central Asia is full of resources and it is predicted that the last battle will be fought here towards end of this century to access these resources.

A) India-Central Asia relations
B) Russian influence in Central Asia and power rivalry
C) China’s growing role in Central Asia
D) Caspian basin and energy security
E) Problems of terrorism
F) Establishing new silk route
G) US military presence and NATO expansion
H) Land connectivity
I) Cyber crime and money laundering
J) Afghanistan’s stability and role of Al Qaeda
K) Future US role in Central Asia
L) Turkey and Iran to play more active role
M) New energy pipelines and opening border trade
N) War in Afghanistan
O) Food security and border control
P) Political stability in Central Asia
Q) SCO and regional grouping