South East Asia


CASS-India is currently focusing on South East Asian region as part of its Asia-Pacific campaign to generate debates and public awareness on geo strategic issues. So far, the Centre has organized more than five conferences and two workshops in various SE Asian countries, apart from dozens of working papers and research articles.

Due to sheer strategic importance, SE Asian region is drawing global attention. Everyone is now paying greater focus on rise of China and growing role of ASEAN. Since Japan has made a comeback at the global scene, the issues are getting further complicated. Thus, CASS-India is currently working on these issues:

A) New Asia-Pacific security architecture
B) China’s military modernization
C) Role of Chinese navy in Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean
D) ASEAN’s future and balance of power
E) US-China power rivalry
F) Japan’s look Asia policy
G) India’s Look East policy
H) South China Sea problems
I) Indonesia’s regional role
J) US rebalancing policy towards Asia
K) Australia’s power play in the region
L) Korean peninsula crisis
M) Geo-strategic issues involving Pacific Ocean
N) Thai-Cambodian border conflict
O) Mekong river problems
P) Myanmar’s future role
Q) Cyber threat to SE Asian region
R) Malacca Strait and its strategic importance
S) Climate change and piracy
T) Gun running and money laundering
U) Terrorism and trans-national threats