South Asia


CASS-India works on South Asian issues with more than seven experts and the Centre has been giving its top priority to the region since the beginning of its campaign. So far, our research topics and issues have generated immense debates and public awareness. Thus, our researchers are devoting their best resources to some of the most complex issues of the global order.

Since South Asia is geographically inter-connected with same landmass and have lot of cultural similarities due to civilization connection, CASS-India is focusing on following topics:

A) India-Pakistan relations and Kashmir issue
B) River water sharing and food security
C) LoC trade and cultural connectivity
D) Siachen glacier and militarization
E) Karakoram Highway and strategic implications
F) SAARC integration and future of SAFTA          
G) India-Nepal relations and open border 
H) Nepal’s future and India-China strategic competition
I)  Bhutan’s rise and its relations with SAARC
J)  Bhutan-India relations
K) China-US rivalry in South Asia and its implications
L) India-Bangladesh relations and population migration
M) Emergence of Bangladesh and its future
N) Rise of Islamic fundamentalism
O) Military modernization in South Asia
P) Missile, nuclear weapon and arms race in South Asia 
Q) Energy and power sharing among S Asian members
R) Importance of Maldives and Indian Ocean power rivalry
S) India’s rise in S Asia and factors of stability
T) Climate change and its geo-strategic implications 
U) Cyber threat and aerospace scenario