CASS-India organizes domestic and international conferences from time to time depending up on the issues and topical relevance to a particular region. However, it usually refrains from taking up bilateral issues to be the theme and title of its conference, except special occasions. This is mainly keeping sensitivities of both parties in mind.

But we do organize seminars, workshops, conferences and group discussions on multi-lateral issues from time to time at small, medium and large scale level. The Center also organizes symposiums on specific events with an innovative method through which we generate meaningful recommendations for concerned agencies.

While CASS-India organizes two international conferences per year, it conducts four to five domestic events annually depending up on the significance and relevance to global order.        

Under its region specific campaign, we offer the best platform for public interaction with expert level people on any specific issue. However, CASS-India allows participating candidates to interact with various delegates and experts freely and share their views to make the event successful. It does not believe in curtailing freedom of expression in any manner.  

So far, CASS-India has organized more than 22 international conferences and 45 domestic seminars and workshops in last 12 years of its existence. CASS-India started its first South Asia Campaign way back in 2002 and since then it is a long journey. Today, CASS-India’s interests span from South Korea to Morocco. More testimonials of recent activities have been uploaded in the website in different categories.

Most CASS-India seminars are funded by Stratcore Group outfits and we also take support of local partners wherever it is deemed necessary for the purposes. However, the aim is to generate high quality debates through public interactions and bring out recommendations from global level experts working in this area for the benefits of general public.