Asia Pacific Region


CASS-India is placing greater emphasis on Asia-Pacific region due to its ongoing campaign. The Centre has dedicated team of researchers working on vital issues pertaining to this region since 2011. However, the Centre has also started paying lot of attention to the rise of China and its military power in the region. Now, Japan has started focusing on a strategic role for itself. This will add a new dimension to the security architecture of the region. 

On the top of it, the US will shift its pivot towards Asia and mainly keeping military assets in the Pacific Ocean. Since China is also looking for a role and establish its preeminence, the region will face increasing uncertainty over certain issues. The South China Sea conflict and Japan-China dispute over Senkaku Islands may raise the tension level beyond a manageable level. Thus, CASS-India is currently focusing on these issues:

A) South China Sea issues
B) Rise of Japan
C) China’s defence capacity building in Pacific Ocean
D) Senkaku Islands dispute
E) Maritime surveillance in Asia-Pacific region
F) US role in Asia-Pacific security mechanism
G) India’s strategic thinking
H) China’s influence in Pacific Ocean
I) China-Taiwan relations
J) Regional cooperation in Pacific region
K) Anti-submarine warfare in Pacific Ocean
L) Submarine movement in Pacific region
M) Missile defence in Pacific region