Canada issue is a pressure tactic to choose side


The India-Canada relations have touched its all-time low. It is not that big an issue except some war of words which will subside in couple of weeks. In reality, they had hardly any special relationship historically, nor anything special for future due to incompatibility. Carefully, the selective West has chosen Canada, a tail ender in the team, to be used in the game to test the pressure resistance threshold of India. This suits Canada as the Liberal Party is losing its popularity at home and for the West it is getting impatient about India’s neutral stand on Ukraine War.




In fact, the success of Ukrainian counter offensive, a tactical attempt to force Russia for talks, is dwindling. The failure is being attributed to India and China support for Russia that has kept Moscow afloat. So the selective West has used Canada to create a wrangling to check India’s prominence.

It is visible that Canada is not serious about the investigation of murder of H S Nijjar right from the beginning. What it wants is how to exploit the issue for its advantage through media trial and open allegations to draw consolidated Sikh votes. The Liberal Party is depending on support from Jagmit Singh’s NDP – a Khalistani leader.

Initially, Singh who had given an ultimatum about Canada going soft on India pushed Justine Trudeau to blame India for the murder to maximize his own influence among the Sikh voters. But now there is a fresh battle between Singh and Trudeau as the latter wants to get free from crucial dependence on NDP after winning the trust of radical Sikhs.

By blaming India openly and tarnishing India’s democratic values on the world stage, Trudeau has maximized more influence among the radical Sikh voters than Singh. Once the election will be announced, this is going to be more visible. Trudeau’s LP is going to finish Singh’s NDP with this anti-India stand. This has rattled NDP who has staged protests outside Trudeau’s house.

However, Canada has ruined its future prospect whether it is trade or for any cooperation with India to promote its Indo-Pacific strategy which Ottawa has unveiled last year. On the other hand, the CIA and the State Department are getting desperate that Ukraine theatre is going to be shifted to Indo-Pacific region over Taiwan issue in next two years or so.

If India which has defied all types of Western pressure on Ukraine War opts for a neutral stand over possible Chinese attack on Taiwan then the outcome will be a mere repetition of Ukraine theatre.

This might substantially damage American preeminence in the whole of Asia leading to dent its global stature. Thus, India’s rising profile, after G20 Summit, along with defiance, is being seen as of no use to the selective West if it does not take side. Thus, the selective West is unwilling to allow India to become a power house without any contest or protecting their interests.

It is an old saying that success comes at a price. What price India is willing to pay is unclear at the moment. So the killing of Nijjar, originally an Indian citizen whom Canada had provided shelter, has come handy for Canada and the American establishment known as deep state.

Even former US President Donald Trump was frustrated from frequent interference by American hidden forces who were calling the shots from his back. It was demonstrated during his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jung Un. He had termed the US State Department as ‘deep state department’.

Canada is just a pawn. The CIA and elements of State Department are behind the entire fiasco along with Canadian agencies whose credibility is quite low. These forces have long arms to dictate terms to Trudeau such as George Soros and the company. Recently, Elon Musk said Soros is set to destroy Western civilization. Now, Trudeau is confident that he will be able to win elections on his own after his diatribe against India.

In fact, for last three years many players have gathered in Canada to push for various globalist agenda to maximize their own interests. For example, with the help of Soros foundation, Left liberals, Sikh radicals, Chinese agencies and Pakistani ISI, drug syndicates and arms smugglers, Trudeau is making a deep state within Canada too.

This has also led to a fight between Canadian Security and Intelligence Services (CSIS) and RCMP which is the investigating agency for various crimes. Even in this case of Nijjar’s murder, the RCMP is unconvinced about any involvement of India so no arrest is made till date.

This has irked Trudeau who is now promoting CSIS as a front for building his own empire to cling to power. As a result, British Columbia province has become a major arms firing range for many terrorists to practice their weapons training skills. Even Nijjar had taken training there before his death.

On the other hand, the Pakistani ISI which has successfully settled some 4,000 retired Pakistani colonels, brigadiers and generals in Toronto and elsewhere in last 3 years is pushing for drug syndicates to make their hub in Canada for catering the entire North America.

Canada has harbored Pakistani nationals who had committed genocide in Bangladesh in 1971 in the name of human rights. Some of them are convicts. Today, Canada talks of rule of law and sovereignty which is quite laughable. Even some say Nijjar was working for CSIS while another Sikh radical G S Pannun who is based in US works for CIA.

But the death of Nijjar has now created a vacuum for Canada to foment trouble in India since the national election is approaching. No doubt, the anti-India propaganda is aimed at Indian elections that is scheduled for 2024. Now, Canada which has channelized funds for Pakistan to supply weapons to Ukraine is getting influenced by Pakistan’s anti-India narrative.  

Even the Chinese agencies are successfully joining hands with Mexican drug cartels from Canadian soil to push drugs into US. Most drug deals are finalized in Canada. China may have strained relations with Canada as a country but it has successfully cultivated relations with Trudeau’s Liberal party members with the help of Pakistan.

The claim of so-called intelligence inputs provided by the US to Canada in August has perhaps given Trudeau confidence to exploit the situation to full extent. Indeed, foreign policy should never be used for domestic issues. It can be dangerous. Since most of Trudeau’s cabinet members are journalists and activists, they are more inclined about public parade of diplomatic issues.

This has precisely happened in case of ongoing diplomatic battle where Canadian leaders who are using a vilification tactic that is nothing new. Intelligence inputs are never considered as evidence in the court of law unless it is backed by thorough investigation and hard proof.

Canada has none, except the so-called five-eye intelligence inputs provided by US for a motivated purpose. Then the intelligence becomes opinion. Indeed, making opinion is the lowest form of human intellect.

The case is under probe. There is no arrest in the case nor any charge sheet has been filed in any court till date. But the outcome has been announced in the Parliament by the Prime Minister which is the job of a judge, well before the probe is concluded. This shows desperation to steal the limelight. Since relationship with India is not that great, the loss can be easily filled by Soros and Chinese agencies.

This is a controlled farce. Canada has reduced its own investigating agencies and judiciary to a joke. Till date, Canada has failed to provide justice to the victims of 1985 Air India bombing.

The accused were released under political pressure despite strong evidence against them. Later, the accused were paraded as heros by the ruling party coalition members. The mid-air bombing was the worst aviation attack before 9/11. Now, Canada has been reduced to a banana republic.

In a broader strategic frame it is not a bilateral issue but a Western pressure tactic to put immense pressure on India to choose side. India has been maintaining its neutrality not only in Ukraine War but also pushing almost a third axis called Global South. Even the inclusion of African Union in G20 had not generated any jubilation in the Western camp as they now have to sit with the same people whom they had colonized for centuries. 

In the process to force India to succumb before them and change its stand on Ukraine War, it has become quite necessary for American establishment to orchestrate a diplomatic fiasco.

Canada has a history of diplomatic disasters right from providing Canadian passport to American hostages in Iran under CIA pressure to spying against Soviet Union. 

In 2018, without any evidence, only on a mere phone call from US, Canada had arrested Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer of Chinese telecoms giant Huawei which led China to arrest Canadian diplomat Michael Kovrig and Canadian entrepreneur Michael Spavor. Finally, both sides had entered into a prisoner swap in 2021.

Canada, better known as an extended province of Britain, is now trying to behave as a country. Borrowed people, borrowed language, borrowed culture and borrowed monarchy as its head of state are its civilizational strength, after killing the aboriginals to create a country.

The invading whites had killed thousands of Indigenous people and tortured them for years. Now, they have admitted to the crime officially. This April, Canadian Government had revised the compensation amount from the initial C$20 billion agreed last year to another C$3 billion.

The white dominated Canada has long deprived any compensation to more than 300,000 First Nations children, youth and families, who had filed their complaints before human rights tribunal more than 15 years ago. Today, Canada's Indigenous people have higher levels of poverty and a lower life expectancy than other white Canadians, and are more often the victims of violent crime and hopelessness.

Perhaps, this is equality and liberty of Canadian character. But Canada’s self-righteousness and globalist agenda against other democracies is going unquestioned. Even Trudeau is issuing open threat to India for cooperation after spoiling the investigation, like the US does with some nations, perhaps due to its location in the vicinity of America.

Canada’s globalist agenda and self-righteousness approach is nothing new. In 2018, Saudi Arabia had expelled a Canadian Ambassador for interfering in domestic politics.

George Soros and its agents play a vital role in shaping Canada’s global view and foreign policy interventions. They are connected with some US State department members and have links with deep state actors in dozen countries. Indeed, Soros targets a country’s economy, institutions and specific individuals for regime change which fulfils the agenda of the selective West. This time it is being tested with India.

After the Second World War, when the power matrix shifted from Britain to US, Canada has been used as a launch pad against Soviet Union.

Historically, the CIA manages its security policy and State Department manages its foreign policy. The pathetic track records of its security agencies and police can be seen how this nation has been reduced to safe haven for gangsters, drug peddlers, deep state agents and terrorists.

To meet such geopolitical challenges, India needs a radical change of approach as it has to compete against time in this era of perception warfare and peddling of false narrative.