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Surge of terrorism in MENA
The rise of ISIS and Al Qaeda in the whole of MENA region and other parts of Africa will witness a grappling surge
Target of Islamic State
Perhaps Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is the most powerful, ruthless, horrific and well-funded terrorist group
Revisit Af-Pak strategy
Indian engagement with Pakistan and China with the intention of giving the Parliament resolution reiterating
ISIS expanding footprints
Though ISIS is rapidly losing the grounds in Syria and Iraq, but it is not at all losing the war. Interestingly, th
China's geopolitical game
Ever since Pakistan facilitated the secret visit of US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to Beijing in July 1971
Split in Boko Haram
Nigeria based Boko Haram terror group has split into two factions, one loyal to Abubakar Shekau and the other to Abu Musab
Coastal security
It is a measure of how secure has been the Indian peninsula  since the attack by Pakistani terrorists on Mumbai
Global threat
The recent surge of terrorist strikes, in Orlando, Jordan, Lebanon, Istanbul, Baghdad, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh
Smart techniques used by ISIS
Though some reports from western countries are trying to portray that ISIS is losing its foothold but the reality draws a completely different picture.
UAVs mission
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are an exciting field in the world of aviation, with new R&D and system discoveries.