West Asia



CASS-India has focused on WestAsian region in the past with renewed efforts to find solutions for regionalissues and during its third campaign the Center had organized many publicevents. The most successful event was organized in Bahrain in 2009.


CASS-India has organized severalworkshops and symposiums on most critical issue of the region that isArab-Israel conflict.  The Center hascontributed immensely to bring notice of the policy makers for the first timeabout the impending water crisis in West Asia. Theseare few topics the Center is currently working on:

A) Palestine-Israel conflict
B) Nationhood for the Palestinians
C) Israel’s military power
D) Nuclear material stockpile
E) Water crisis in West Asia
F) Growth of Al Qaeda
G) Political stability and Arab Spring
H) Saudi Arab’s emergence as a regional leader
I) Iran’s assertive role
J) Conflict over Abu Musa Islands
K) Securing Strait of Hormuz
L) Engagement between Iran and Arab states
M) The role of GCC
N) Energy security
O) Foreign workers and social fabric in Arab world
P) Democracy and information revolution
Q) Military capability of Arab nations
R) Anti piracy operations