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After launching seven successful campaigns in the past involving South Asia, Central Asia, West Asia and Asia-Pacific region, CASS-India is currently focusing on East Africa region. Normally each campaign period remains in force for three to four years. Depending upon the response, CASS-India would either extend or cut short the tenure of the campaign period. Indeed, East Africa Campaign has started since year 2016.


CASS-India regularly conducts futuristic studies on complex issues involving Afro-Asian region for its clients, members and associates. The topics, however, range from country profile to risk analysis to futuristic global situations and unforeseen events that might create high scale impact.

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Russia-Ukraine crisis: Need for a new global order urgently



The Russia-Ukraine situation has once again proved how vulnerable is the peace in Europe despite having fought two World Wars in last Century and coming up with a massive socio-politico-economic bloc with a credible currency and enormous military power. While Euro is still the preferred currency for trading except energy, the NATO is a credible military power in Europe and elsewhere. But peace is still a distant dream. No doubt, the Russian aggression has caused death, destruction and disappointment in the entire Europe even if the war is restricted to Ukraine theatre so far. Yet the need for a new global order to maintain peace is more than necessary. The collective will and strong political commitment can achieve this fate.



The Russia-Ukraine war has once again proved that the present peace order is drastically lacking institutional mechanisms to prevent disputes turning into conflicts and leading to a full-fledged war.

The present form of the UNO, which was created in the last century among a coterie of select war victors, is no longer relevant and in numerous occasions it has failed to maintain peace or prevented conflicts.

Thus, there is a need for revitalizing global peace order by creating a new body or making the present UN more representative to avoid future crisis. The veto power among top five permanent members should be fully abolished urgently.

The veto power is touted by top powers including Russian President Vladimir Putin that it maintains the balance of power, is a total myth. The exercise of veto power has often brought misery and created issues into crisis due to institutional complications that exist today.

The expansion and reforms of UN bodies are long due but the lack of will has resulted in making the global body a failed platform or as a talking shop with least credibility. Russia which was once opposing the unilateral actions of US and NATO outside the UN, has done the same in Ukraine.

It is all about self interests. In fact, preaching others are easy but practicing the same is difficult. The principles, morality and values always take a back seat and the truth becomes the first causality.

At a time when the whole globe is getting integrated and getting informed per second about the issues in a real time manner, Moscow preferred aggression as a means to achieve its goal instead of negotiations and discussions.

In the past, most wars or conflicts have taken place without even bothering to make a discussion at the UN or relevant forums. This shows lack of trust among top five permanent members who are proving to be useless while pursuing their own vested interests and so-called political goals.

Both the US and China in case of Ukraine did not use their powers to stop this conflict into a full scale war which has created tremendous amount of human suffering. It looks now that some elements are ready to make profit out of it, whether it is energy deal or military equipment sales.

Indeed, the US self proclaimed its status of the solo super power in the world after the disintegration of Soviet Union, has for the first time realized its limit. In other theatres or past events Washington went solo with its allies to carry out military campaigns aga

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Under ITP, CASS-India offers an Advanced StrategicStudies Course (ASSC) to Indian and foreign nationals. The ITP,  which starts in the month  of November every year, will enhance greater understanding of Afro-Asian Security Issues, including India.

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