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After launching seven successful campaigns in the past involving South Asia, Central Asia, West Asia and Asia-Pacific region, CASS-India is currently focusing on East Africa region. Normally each campaign period remains in force for three to four years. Depending upon the response, CASS-India would either extend or cut short the tenure of the campaign period. Indeed, East Africa Campaign has started since year 2016.


CASS-India regularly conducts futuristic studies on complex issues involving Afro-Asian region for its clients, members and associates. The topics, however, range from country profile to risk analysis to futuristic global situations and unforeseen events that might create high scale impact.

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Rise of Japan and balance of power in Asia


Gauri Srivastava


Japan, the island country on the eastern edge of Asia, is one of the four developed nations of the largest continent. The cultural superpower is an important player in the Asian and world politics. It has outstanding bilateral ties with most Asian nations and is a part of the major regional multilateral organizations, apart from both economic and technological power. It is one of the top foreign aid providers in the world. But with the change of geopolitics in Asia with rise of China, Tokyo feels that it is time to revisit the pacifist policies and construct a new geopolitical paradigm for Japan.



Japan is in the midst of major policy review both domestically and globally. Japanese leaders are off late realizing they have lost hundreds of business contracts in the recent past to China and others despite offering bright prospects in regard to technology and economic viability of those projects.

The reason is Japan does not have enough political and

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Under ITP, CASS-India offers an Advanced StrategicStudies Course (ASSC) to Indian and foreign nationals. The ITP,  which starts in the month  of November every year, will enhance greater understanding of Afro-Asian Security Issues, including India.

(For more information about the ITP kindly contact:

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