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After launching seven successful campaigns in the past involving South Asia, Central Asia, West Asia and Asia-Pacific region, CASS-India is currently focusing on East Africa region. Normally each campaign period remains in force for three to four years. Depending upon the response, CASS-India would either extend or cut short the tenure of the campaign period. Indeed, East Africa Campaign has started since year 2016.


CASS-India regularly conducts futuristic studies on complex issues involving Afro-Asian region for its clients, members and associates. The topics, however, range from country profile to risk analysis to futuristic global situations and unforeseen events that might create high scale impact.

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LCA as a game changer for Indian Air Force


The Light Combat Aircraft (LCA), currently being developed by HAL and DRDO in which Indian Air Force is a partner and a lone customer, should be given top priority for mass production and export. The LCA, which has taken enormous time and had undergone immense technological changes, is a potential platform for IAF. Therefore even if there are shortcomings and delays, the project should be taken to a logical conclusion.  Right from the beginning the project was facing complications as India had all the parameters to make a fighter jet except a credible engine. Now this engine component should be seriously pursued so that the LCA can be a world class fighter in its own segment and truly indigenous.



The LCA which is now into production and already inducted into IAF has faced series of challenges right from its inception. After all the thorny journey now the new challenge is the LCA cannot go to mass production and salvage IAF’s depleting squadron strength. For that there is a growing clamour for importing foreign fighters to augment fighter strength of IAF to meet the growing air

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Under ITP, CASS-India offers an Advanced StrategicStudies Course (ASSC) to Indian and foreign nationals. The ITP, starting from November 2018, will enhance greater understanding of Afro-Asian Security Issues, including India.

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