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After launching seven successful campaigns in the past involving South Asia, Central Asia, West Asia and Asia-Pacific region, CASS-India is currently focusing on East Africa region. Normally each campaign period remains in force for three to four years. Depending upon the response, CASS-India would either extend or cut short the tenure of the campaign period. Indeed, East Africa Campaign has started since year 2016.


CASS-India regularly conducts futuristic studies on complex issues involving Afro-Asian region for its clients, members and associates. The topics, however, range from country profile to risk analysis to futuristic global situations and unforeseen events that might create high scale impact.

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Corona virus crisis might ignite a new type of Cold War



The Corona Virus which has already created a panic with heavy death toll ever observed since the days of Second World War could upset the intermediate phase of stability in the present global order where nation neutrality will cease to exist. Now either a country has to support Chinese narrative or American narrative. Even the Corona Virus which has created havoc across the globe except Antarctica can change the geopolitical order which has become stagnant and directionless for quite some time since the end of Cold War in the 90s.


 The origin and development of Corona Virus is getting murkier. Once the pandemic subsides to a great extent then will come responsibility fixing and liability sharing. At that stage, it might get complicated and open a way for geopolitical assertiveness as no one willing accepts the mistake or mal-intention act. Although pandemics have happened in the past, this time it will have far bigger consequence.

The Corona virus which has originated in Chine

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Under ITP, CASS-India offers an Advanced StrategicStudies Course (ASSC) to Indian and foreign nationals. The ITP,  which starts in the month  of November every year, will enhance greater understanding of Afro-Asian Security Issues, including India.

(For more information about the ITP kindly contact:

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