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Changing geopolitics in MENA region Algeria2018-08-12
Growth of terrorism and challenges for cyber security Sydney, Australia2018-05-12
Peace, stability and development in East African region Mauritius, Port Louis2017-12-15
Geopolitical games in Middle East and its impact for Gulf region and Indian Ocean Tehran, Iran2017-08-21
Road to peace and stability in Afghanistan and in Central Asia Kabul, Afghanistan2017-04-21
GCC peace initiatives and regional security and economic integration Doha, Qatar2016-09-29
SCS Disputes: Peace, Justice and ASEAN Role New Delhi, India2016-07-15
BRICS future and emerging world order Pretoria, South Africa2015-09-12
FOREIGN TROOP WITHDRAWAL : Future of Afghanistan & Emergence of Taliban New Delhi, India2014-07-27
Round Table Talk: Escalating tension in South China Sea & its implications for regional security Singapore2014-05-28
REGIONAL SYMPOSIUM Persian Gulf Security Initiative: Need for a futuristic approach Muscat, Sultanate Oman2014-05-26
Round Table Talk: Chinese ADIZ and New Maritime Challenges to Asia-Pacific & SCS Security Architectu New Delhi, India2014-01-10
Korean peninsula crisis and future road map to achieve peace Seoul, South Korea2013-10-20
ASEAN Unity and maritime challenges in SCS & Asia Pacific Bangkok, Thailand2013-06-20
ASEAN and 10th Anniversary of DoC Phnom Penh, Cambodia2013-04-19
Round Table Talk: Indo-Pacific security architecture Singapore2013-09-22
Emerging situation in SCS and regional geopolitics Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia2015-10-29
ASEAN connectivity and regional trade prospect Singapore2012-03-19
ASEAN Unity and regional power engagement in the region Jakarta, Indonesia2012-09-20
Prospects of Cooperation and Convergence of the Issues and Dynamics in South China Sea Jakarta, Indonesia2011-05-30