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Future warfare
The Indian Navy’s anti-submarine warfare department began operations with fixed wing aircraft operating from
Anti submarine warfare
Anti submarine warfare is slowly taking the center stage of naval warfare as the world is getting dependent
Soldier modernization
Going by published material it appears that the future infantry soldier of the Indian Army has already received all that
Rise of missile programs
Missiles and nuclear war fighting were the flavors of January of the new year. China has launched a nuclear blitzkrieg
UCAV in warfare
As the modern battlefield becomes unmanned and electro-optic driven, the dependence on artificial intelligence
Hypersonic technologies
As the modern warfare is getting hi-tech, there is a growing crave for investment into military capacity building to
Anti missile defence
India has been working on setting up an anti-missile defence (ABM) shield against nuclear-tipped missiles for
Modernising submarine fleet
With both its conventional as well as nuclear powered submarine production lines well on stream India will have
Capabilities of Special Forces
Whatever else that is happening to the elite Special Forces of India one hears a lot about ‘restructuring’ and ‘reorganisation’
Effective assault rifle
The tactic that helped the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance gain political ascendancy during and after the Rajiv Gandhi