Corona virus crisis might ignite a new type of Cold War



The Corona Virus which has already created a panic with heavy death toll ever observed since the days of Second World War could upset the intermediate phase of stability in the present global order where nation neutrality will cease to exist. Now either a country has to support Chinese narrative or American narrative. Even the Corona Virus which has created havoc across the globe except Antarctica can change the geopolitical order which has become stagnant and directionless for quite some time since the end of Cold War in the 90s.


 The origin and development of Corona Virus is getting murkier. Once the pandemic subsides to a great extent then will come responsibility fixing and liability sharing. At that stage, it might get complicated and open a way for geopolitical assertiveness as no one willing accepts the mistake or mal-intention act. Although pandemics have happened in the past, this time it will have far bigger consequence.

The Corona virus which has originated in Chinese city of Wuhan does not largely belong to any known Corona Virus strains observed till today except some semblance and gene bases of the RNA strands. Since much of the genome sequence has been done in a hurry or under a controlled condition, the data involving the present corona virus could be ambiguous.

The present virus in circulation looks like a synthetic virus combined with a special genetic makeup having nano-particle compositions to give the virus a unique ability to latch on to human cells where it can detect and differentiate its molecular interactions using its pre-composed RNA genomes.

Interestingly, the virus has also a hyper ability where it can overwrite on human RNA structures and take control of the cells through replication. The present virus has been embedded with critical HIV strains within its DNA sequence. This appears to be a specially designed monster for a specific purpose.   

The ability of the present corona virus is unknown to humankind and there has been no instance that a virus can perform such tasks with astounding efficiency where it has to single out billions of cells but cling to only a set of cells to penetrate in the human lungs and respiratory tracts to replicate.

The Spike protein of the virus in the outer layers can change colors and coat sugar molecules to avoid even detection by human antibodies making human immune cell response redundant. Indeed, the viral genomes of the Corona Virus inside its RNA structure makes it ultra complex virus to analyze but the efficiency level of the virus and its genetic mutation in different continental atmospheric condition is pretty unique to its core.

To call it a Corona virus, although there is some transfer of gene bases from SARS, could be a mistake which might be proved in due course after years of research. But one thing points finger towards whether the high efficiency of the virus is through a natural selection where the virus has mutated on its own or it shows clear signs of made in a laboratory condition with genetic recombination.

The complete genome sequence of the virus about 29,750 gene bases within its RNA length has many surprises as if it has been made to be perfect. While science tells us the universe is asymmetric in its nature of existence, the scientists are merely trying to find the symmetry to answer all the questions. But the COVID-19 is found to be perfect from all angles.

Kim Narry and Chang Hyeshik, the research team of the Center for RNA Research within the Institute for Basic Science (IBS), South Korea who succeeded in dissecting the architecture of SARS-CoV-2 RNA genome have discovered numerous new RNAs and multiple unknown chemical modification on the viral RNAs.

They said it was previously known that 10 sub-genomic RNAs make up the viral particle structure. However, the research team confirmed that 9 sub-genomic RNAs actually exist, invalidating the remaining one sub-genomic RNA. Researchers also found that there are dozens of unknown sub-genomic RNAs, owing to RNA fusion and deletion events.

If the viral chemical modification is discovered it can help to understand the life cycle of the virus. With other studies it is believed that the life span of the COVID-19 could be 56 days. Although the viral genome fusion has happened in the COVID-19, it more points finger towards a laboratory designed stuff than a natural evolution process of any virus.  

The argument put forward by some scientists that this virus belongs to a Corona virus family, it is quite a lazy remark due to lack of understanding in such a chaotic situation as the virus only looks like having some known virus trail but in its efficiency it is totally different never known to the present set of viral barcodes.

In both the outcomes, whether it is natural evolution or manmade in controlled condition, the point goes to one direction how it jumped to humans. There are half a dozen Corona virus strains known to humans but this one looks like of them but designed in a genetic fusion to replicate unhindered. Then the question remains who benefits the most from such a pandemic situation.

Normally, there are seven stages of a pathogenic disease before it can be declared as pandemic. The entire process of first contact to getting declared pandemic it takes minimum six to eight months.

Then it can reach the level of pandemic. In a natural situation if there is a conjunctivitis detected in one patient in a city or in a region then most doctors in the city or region understand that the viral or bacterial infections have arrived during a particular season.

Then in this case, it was only known to the world well after becoming pandemic. There was no time for others to respond to the situation in any manner. This raises questions on the role of WHO, also why the world did not pay any heed to Taiwan’s series of statements.

The death toll which is mounting each passing day can create a survival fear psychosis in the minds of many including policy makers. Human race has gone to any extent for sustaining its survival, including war and mutual destruction from time to time.

Once the origin of the virus and its controlled conditions are exposed it can lead to demanding many answers. Already, some organizations and even countries are talking about compensation, public disclosure and national apology from China. This might again inflict centuries of humiliation.

In this situation, once put into a corner, the only option remains that of defiance and carefully breeding of hyper nationalism.. The whole situation might get out of control. Then this might spark the beginning of a new Cold War which will shape the destiny of the plant Earth for another round of catastrophe.