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Rohingya crisis
The issue of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar is making headlines for quite some time but it is dangerously
Increasing piracy activities
South East Asia is fast becoming a potential threat to the world commerce due to rising incidents of sea piracy.
Anti-submarine operations
Anti-submarine warfare is a multi-dimensional asset deployment in the water, on the surface and in the air to look for
State of coastal security
The effectiveness of the coastal radar network and security of peninsular India was demonstrated at its worst during
Role of OPVs
Indian Navy has been bestowed with the huge responsibility of keeping a round the clock watch on the Indian Ocean spanning from the African Coast
Malabar exercise
The Manmohan Singh government has presented it as a fait accompli for the next Indian government to go ahead with the decision of inviting Japan
Bhutanese refugees
Bidur Thapa remembers the day six years ago when he came to Nepal as a refugee from Bhutan. He struggled to understand the culture
ASW capabilities
Anti-submarine warfare is a multi-layered activity. There is the submarine-submarine killer (SSK) level where one predator is in constant
Floating enemies
Since the global attention is turning towards Africa and its resource rich regions, the number of pirate attacks in the Indian Ocean region
Dangerous shift
A review of the recent Pakistani feverish attempts at infiltration not just along the Line of Control but also the international border reveals a trend that is