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China's quest for expanding
Lenin’s theory that imperialism is driven by capitalist surpluses seems to hold true for China’s adventure into
China for expedition
China is planning to create and deploy a huge number of air borne troops on foreign soil which will in return protect
Foreign policy challenges
The surprising victory of Donald Trump as the next US President elect, defying all expert predictions, has sent the whole
Impact on Gulf of Aden
In view of escalating tension in Yemen, the Gulf of Aden is witnessing a strong surge of rivalry between Iran and
China's engagement with Africa
China is in Africa for economic reasons. China is home to more than 19 percent of the world’s population but only six
Pakistan-Afghanistan border
The violent clash between border forces of Afghanistan and Pakistan at Torkham crossing may appear to have ended,
China-Pakistan border patrol
The joint Sino-Pak military patrol in north Jammu and Kashmir is essentially a method of formalizing an annexation
Maintaining peace in SCS
China has got biggest shock to its emerging global superpower image and faced international embarrassment
Modi's visit to Africa
In order to strengthen India’s economic linkages, PM Modi recently travelled to four African nations, a direct
India’s cooperation in Pacific
As the churning in  South China Sea  gradually develops into a face to face rivalry between the big powers,